Single Color Epoxy System: This is one color and is usually a 3 part epoxy system with a clear coat on top.

Flake System: This is most commonly used in garages. There is an epoxy coat followed by flakes being broadcasted across the floor. Finally a polyaspartic top coat is laid down.

Quartz Epoxy System: This is a very durable broadcast that is many times used in commercial kitchens. It is also the preferable floor for many operating rooms being as it can be made antimicrobial. There are many uses for quartz broadcast epoxy flooring but mainly it is extremely durable and easy to wash. It is installed very similarly to Flake except we many times run the quartz up the wall about 4 inches.

Metallic Epoxy: This is a more decorative coating that can give you a beautiful marbled look or something that is completely out of this world. Sky’s the limit on metallic epoxy and glitter and shredded money floors and all things cool. We do it all.