Don?t let the word Epoxy fool you! There are many different types of epoxies. Epoxy is one of the ingredients in a flooring solution. Epoxy flooring systems, Epoxy Resin and Epoxy paint all use epoxy. They just use different amounts and mix them with different materials. Epoxy paint is the cheapest and least durable option. You don?t want to use epoxy paint on your floors unless you want to replace your floors regularly. Epoxy used by professionals is usually at least a 3 part system that can be laid down. Epoxy resin also uses epoxy and is sometimes part of the epoxy flooring process. Epoxy resins are many times used as a seal for concrete that can make it more stable and shiny as it sets. If you have questions about a specific project, we can lead you through what types of epoxy will best suit your needs.