Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial floors must be able to stand against high foot traffic, liquid spills, dropped objects, and constant brutal cleaning. Despite these daily tortures these floors still need to look clean and have a professional appearance. Commercial epoxy floors can meet all these demands!

Commercial Epoxy Flooring New Jersey

What Is Commercial Epoxy Flooring?

Unlike concrete floors in residential spaces, commercial floors need to be extremely tough and durable. They need to be resilient to stains, spills, and scrapes and of course the constant foot traffic. This is where you can rely on commercial epoxy flooring.

Even in high demand areas such as commercial spaces and industrial facilities, epoxy flooring is extremely durable and can last a decade or even longer. It comes with superb resistance to wear, moisture and chemicals offering a long lifespan with a low cost in the long term.

Commercial epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and hardener that bond with the concrete floor as a result of a chemical reaction.

When installed over concrete it becomes stronger and more durable than the concrete floor beneath it. Correspondingly, it is able to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic much better than bare concrete floors.

It is also important to point out that commercial epoxy flooring requires minimal maintenance. Even in extra busy commercial spaces daily sweeping is all that is needed. This is to eliminate any harmful debris that can scratch the epoxy floor when stepped on.

Light mopping with chemicals without harsh ingredients should be used for regular maintenance.

It is not recommended to deep clean epoxy flooring with harsh cleaners to protect the top layer of the epoxy floor. Besides, using harsh cleaners is not really needed because epoxy flooring is resilient to everything that may require deep cleaning with tough cleaners.

Commercial epoxy flooring is available in a wide range of colors and designs. It can also be customized to blend with the theme of your commercial space or to mark certain work areas. Commercial epoxy floors are best suited for:

  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Automotive Manufacturing Plants
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hotel, Resort and Building Lobbies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Airplane Hangars and Airports
  • Other Commercial Establishments and Industrial Facilities

There is a right commercial epoxy flooring system suitable for each of these areas.

What Epoxy Floors New Jersey Has to Offer?

Epoxy Floors New Jersey offers high-performing commercial epoxy flooring that can withstand demanding environments in any commercial space.? We install epoxy flooring systems when you want to update your commercial space.

It is important to realize that the life expectancy of commercial epoxy flooring varies depending on how it was installed.

Our expert epoxy installers properly prepare the concrete floor and professionally install commercial epoxy flooring that can last for 20 years or more with minimal maintenance.

Our expert and professional commercial epoxy flooring installers will work on your floors to ensure it will gain all the benefits of a professionally epoxy flooring system including:

Resistant to Wear and Tear

Commercial epoxy flooring saves commercial space owners a lot of time, money, and effort. A flooring system that is able to withstand high foot traffic is crucial to the image and success of your business. Constant repairs and replacement of your floors will place a dent on your revenues.

Our commercial epoxy flooring is strong and durable and will last for decades even if subjected to daily high foot and vehicle traffic. It will give your business a modern and professional look that is scratch and abrasion-free and chemical resistant.

Resistant to Moisture

Our commercial epoxy flooring comes with a seamless surface making it resistant to moisture. We make sure that the bare concrete is free of moisture before we install the epoxy flooring system to prevent bubbling and peeling.

Aesthetic Beauty

In a commercial setting, we are aware that your floor is the first thing your customers will notice about your business. Make a good impression by ensuring that your floors are presentable. We professionally install epoxy flooring to create a high-gloss finish. We can install epoxy flooring in any color, pattern, design and texture you desire.

We can also customize your epoxy flooring system based on what design ideas you have in mind.

Low in Maintenance-Epoxy Flooring

With commercial epoxy flooring, gone are the days when your maintenance crew will have to spend long hours on strict maintenance regimens.

To begin with, epoxy flooring does not require any polishes and waxing to maintain its glossy finish. A little sweeping and light mopping are all that?s required.

No other flooring system can compete with commercial epoxy flooring. We at Epoxy Floors New Jersey have the experience and expertise to do epoxy flooring installation the right and proper way.

If you need some help with your commercial floors, commercial epoxy flooring is the right choice.

Call us today for a free consultation!

Affordable Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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Many say that the initial investment for commercial epoxy flooring may be a bit high compared with other flooring systems.

Although this may be true, in the final analysis, an epoxy flooring system comes out to be more affordable considering its long lifespan and low maintenance costs. Besides, epoxy flooring is more affordable than most long-lasting flooring systems.

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