Epoxy Garage Coating? ?

Epoxy garage coating is the standard for a tough, durable and aesthetically beautiful garage floor. ?While epoxy paint and epoxy floor coating are often used interchangeably, they are different products with different chemical components.

Epoxy floor coating is tougher and more durable than epoxy paint. Installing epoxy floor coating also creates a hardwearing and high gloss finish.

Careful preparation of the concrete surface prior to installation is crucial to the success of epoxy floor coating installation. Many garages have become more functional and beautiful because of epoxy garage coating installation.

Epoxy Garage Coating

Many homeowners have now shifted to epoxy garage coating because of the many benefits it brings. At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, our professional epoxy flooring installers painstakingly work to ensure you get all these benefits.

Durable and Hard-wearing floors

We install epoxy garage floors that are durable, high performing, seamless, and with a long lifespan.

Chemical Resistant

Epoxy coated floors are chemical resistant.? This means chemicals such as gas, oil, grease, and more spilling on the floor will not develop into stains.

Aesthetically Appealing

Epoxy garage coating is available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles and textures. Once cured, it brings out a high gloss shine. You have the option to choose between solid colors, customized colors and decorative patterns.

Seamless and Easy to Clean Surface

Once cured, an epoxy garage floor is seamless making it easy to wipe off dust, dirt and debris.

Easy and Quick Application

Our epoxy garage coating is self-leveling allowing our expert epoxy installers to apply the epoxy coating quickly over old or new concrete floors.

Enhanced Safety

The epoxy garage coating can enhance the safety in your garage due to its anti-slip properties. This flooring system is also resistant to fire and heat. The high gloss finish consequently improves the brightness of your garage by as much as 300% making it a safer place.

Cost Efficient

Epoxy Floors New Jersey offers this flooring solution at an affordable price. Because of its being durable and hard-wearing it can last for many years with low maintenance costs.

Epoxy Garage Coating on Old Concrete

When epoxy garage coating is installed over an old concrete floor, it must first be properly prepared. With this in mind, our expert epoxy installers clean and degrease the concrete surface to remove dust, dirt, debris, grease and oil stains.

Cleaning and degreasing the old concrete floor prior to epoxy coating installation prevents flaking, puckering, and blistering. It also prevents other epoxy installation errors.

Our well-trained and experienced epoxy installers meticulously go through the concrete surface preparation.

  • Existing paints or coatings are removed.
  • Existing sealers are removed through shot blasting.
  • Presence of moisture is determined. Epoxy should never be installed over a concrete surface when relative humidity exceeds 75 unless moisture migration is done.
  • Any concrete cracks or chips are repaired.

Proper concrete surface preparation is done to ensure the success of the epoxy garage coating installation.

Epoxy Garage Coating on New Concrete

Epoxy garage coating can also be installed over new concrete. New concrete is alkaline in nature having a 10-12 pH level. New concrete also comes with a high content of moisture.

These conditions will interfere with the proper adhesion of the epoxy coating with the concrete surface causing peeling and bubbling. Allowing new concrete to cure for at least 30 days can bring down alkalinity and moisture levels.

Before starting the installation of epoxy coating, we make sure that the alkalinity of new concrete is down to at least 9 or less. This will allow the epoxy coating to adhere well with the concrete surface.

We also do a moisture test to make sure there is no condensation in the area where epoxy coating is going to be applied.

Longevity of Epoxy Garage Coating

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we guarantee the long lifespan of our epoxy garage coating. We adhere to all the conditions necessary for epoxy coating to last for many years.

Surface preparation

Thorough preparation of the concrete surface is one of the main pre-requisites of a superior quality epoxy garage coating. ?We make sure that the concrete surface is free of all contaminants and minor damage before we start the installation process.

Condition of the Concrete Surface

We make sure the concrete surface, which is the base of the epoxy coating, is in good structural form. We add densifiers if the strength of the concrete floor is less than 2500 PSI.

Thickness of the Epoxy Coating

Thin epoxy coatings are easy and quick to install and is the ideal choice for low traffic areas. They are easier to clean and maintain and come with a high aesthetic appeal. Thick epoxy coatings, on the other hand, are best for eroded and heavily damaged concrete floors.

Depending on the expected traffic, condition of the concrete floor and amount of chemical exposure the garage floor will be subjected to, we install epoxy coating between .2 mils to 250 mils or ? inch.

Of course, we only use top quality epoxy garage coating products.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors New Jersey

An Epoxy Floors New jersey

We at Epoxy Floors New Jersey are the experts in epoxy garage coating installation. We know the right way to install epoxy coatings on old and new concrete to give your garage floor the new and refreshing look you want to achieve.

Our professional epoxy coating installers have the needed expertise to properly prepare the concrete floor to make sure the epoxy coating will beautifully and permanently adhere to the concrete surface.

We offer a unique combination of durability, practicality and aesthetic looks.

If you have decided to install epoxy garage coating, call us today and schedule an appointment. A dull, ugly and messy garage floor should be a thing of the past!

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