Epoxy Garage Floor Company?

Of course you are aware that your garage floor is the most used and beaten part of your home. Because of the constant abuse your garage floor gets it needs to be durable, stable and resilient.

An epoxy garage floor company can help you achieve an ideal garage floor that not only is durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

An epoxy garage floor coating can make your garage floor strong and durable enough to withstand daily torture.

An epoxy floor coating can withstand high foot traffic and heavy weights without getting damaged. It can also easily deal with stains caused by oil, grease, gas, and hot tire marks. At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we guarantee the effectiveness of our epoxy floor coating.

Garage Epoxy NJ

Epoxy Floors New Jersey

Epoxy Floors New Jersey can do a great job in transforming your messy and worn out garage floor into a durable and eye-catching concrete surface.

We are proud of all our flooring projects as well as the superior customer service that we provide. This is not to mention that our epoxy garage floor coatings are affordable, easy to maintain and long lasting.

As a professional epoxy garage floor company, we explain the entire epoxy floor coating installation process so you know what to expect every step of the way.


Before we start the installation process, we make sure to explain to our clients the benefits and what to expect from an epoxy garage floor coating. Our expert epoxy flooring installers will describe every step of the installation process.

We also provide all the information about the epoxy product we are going to use. We make sure that our clients understand that the epoxy floor coating we are going to install will be durable, stain resistant, impact resistant, easy to maintain, and long lasting.

We encourage our clients to ask any questions to remove all the doubts they may have about the epoxy floor coating installation process.

We also discuss with our clients the installation schedules – how long the installation will take, when is the target date of completion and how long it will take for the epoxy floor coating to cure.

We also make sure to inform clients when they can start walking on the new epoxy concrete floor and when they can start to bring their car in.

Assessing the Concrete Surface

Before our professional team of epoxy installers makes the necessary preparations, we start by assessing the condition of the concrete surface. We watch out for cracks, chips, holes and scratches in the concrete surface, existing sealants and coatings, dust, dirt and debris as well as the presence of moisture.

After assessing the condition of the concrete surface, the concrete surface preparation process can be planned. It is important that the right concrete surface preparation is done to ensure the newly installed epoxy garage floor will not peel or fade.

Level of Moisture

It is also important to measure the level of moisture of the concrete surface prior to epoxy floor coating installation. Any professional epoxy garage floor company knows that the true level of moisture present on the concrete surface does not show its real condition.

A humidity test (HT) is therefore performed as it is a scientific approach that shows the exact level of moisture that an epoxy floor coating needs to deal with. The HT is an accurate method and it helps epoxy installers decide on the right time to install the epoxy garage floor coating.

It is important to realize that installing epoxy on your concrete garage floor without the right moisture migration will cause the new flooring system to de-bond, peel or have blisters.

Scheduling the Installation

Choosing the right day to install your garage floor epoxy is crucial to achieve a successful installation. Epoxy flooring installation should never be done on days that are too cold, or too hot. Ideal temperatures should be between 500F to 800F.

Installing garage floor epoxy coatings at extremes temperature not within the range mentioned above will cause the new flooring system to bubble and peel.

This will waste both our times. Thus, even if you are in such a rush, it is best to heed to the installation schedule as determined by our epoxy flooring installers.

Why Go for a Professional Garage Floor Coating?

Garages always get the last priority in home renovation projects.? Many homeowners are however starting to notice how dull, dirty and damaged their garages have become over the years.

Unsealed and bare concrete floors in garages are always dirty. Dust that settles on the garage floor tends to get their way into the house.

Over time, oil, grease and moisture contribute to the destruction of the concrete floor. These elements cause cracks and chips. Moisture also causes certain odors to get trapped on the concrete floor. All these make your garage floor a total mess.

Have you ever wondered how you can fix this mess in your garage? Many homeowners have tried to lay down foam mats to conceal the damage on the concrete floor. Although this may initially be a good solution, these mats tend to fall apart after a few months.

Some homeowners have purchased DIY epoxy kits from local depot stores. The low quality of the epoxy material in these DIY kits has produced subpar results.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey is a professional epoxy garage floor company that can seal and protect your garage floor making it durable and tough to withstand the daily torture it gets.

Why Garage Floor Epoxy?

It doesn?t matter if you want a unique-looking garage floor in your newly built home or you are doing some renovations to your cracked, old concrete, our protective garage floor epoxy coatings give you the durability and style you?re seeking.

Our garage floor epoxy coating is available in a vast assortment of color choices. You can also choose between full or partial flake systems. It doesn?t matter what color or style you decide to use for your project. We promise our epoxy application will safeguard your garage floor and bring lasting beauty and value to your property.

Why Trust Us?

Epoxy Garage Floor Company

It is important that you know exactly what to expect with your epoxy garage floor installation. Epoxy Floors New Jersey makes sure you are aware of what goes on at each step of the installation process.

This is your garage floor we are working on. Together we can make everything you have in mind a reality. Choose the epoxy coating color your want. Decide on the style and design you want to achieve. Then, sit back and in a few days you will have a garage floor that will be an envy of many.

Call us now so we can discuss what you have in mind for your garage floor!

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