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What Epoxy Flooring Choices Do I Have?2019-07-19T03:49:46+00:00

Single Color Epoxy System: This is one color and is usually a 3 part epoxy system with a clear coat on top.

Flake System: This is most commonly used in garages. There is an epoxy coat followed by flakes being broadcasted across the floor. Finally a polyaspartic top coat is laid down.

Quartz Epoxy System: This is a very durable broadcast that is many times used in commercial kitchens. It is also the preferable floor for many operating rooms being as it can be made antimicrobial. There are many uses for quartz broadcast epoxy flooring but mainly it is extremely durable and easy to wash. It is installed very similarly to Flake except we many times run the quartz up the wall about 4 inches.

Metallic Epoxy: This is a more decorative coating that can give you a beautiful marbled look or something that is completely out of this world. Sky’s the limit on metallic epoxy and glitter and shredded money floors and all things cool. We do it all.

What is the difference between Epoxy, Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Paint?2019-07-19T03:14:49+00:00

Don?t let the word Epoxy fool you! There are many different types of epoxies. Epoxy is one of the ingredients in a flooring solution. Epoxy flooring systems, Epoxy Resin and Epoxy paint all use epoxy. They just use different amounts and mix them with different materials. Epoxy paint is the cheapest and least durable option. You don?t want to use epoxy paint on your floors unless you want to replace your floors regularly. Epoxy used by professionals is usually at least a 3 part system that can be laid down. Epoxy resin also uses epoxy and is sometimes part of the epoxy flooring process. Epoxy resins are many times used as a seal for concrete that can make it more stable and shiny as it sets. If you have questions about a specific project, we can lead you through what types of epoxy will best suit your needs.

How Much Does An Epoxy Floor Cost?2019-07-19T03:14:21+00:00

If you want a professional to install your floor, it can anywhere from $5.00/square foot for a standard flake system to $18.00 a square foot depending on the amount of work and the type of epoxy that is needing to be applied. Epoxy Floor coatings can fill many different roles and even be works of art.

The reason it costs that much is because epoxy is a two part process, first you have the cost of epoxy and second you have the installation costs. Epoxy can be purchased by the gallon in liquid form.. The pricing can range anywhere from $35 to $175 depending on the percentage of epoxy in the mixture. What you don?t want is an epoxy paint that you can buy at Sherwin Williams. If you are looking for a DIY project, you can buy a kit for about $600 but the process is difficult and the product you are buying might not be the best.? Epoxy Solutions have to be mixed, the concrete base has to be prepared just right so the epoxy actually adheres to the concrete, along with the drying and layering being perfected. If every step to this process doesn?t happen properly the floor will chip, bubble and just generally look bad. Moral of the story, pay for a professional.

What are the advantages of epoxy flooring?2019-07-19T03:13:08+00:00

There are numerous advantages to having epoxy flooring. The most obvious is the cost. The installation costs and materials aren?t that expensive, making it a low-cost investment. Another advantage is that epoxy flooring is stain resistant.

So, if you were to spill chemicals or liquids, it is simple to clean up. The glossy surface makes mishaps stress-free. That?s why they?re well-liked for hospitals and garages. Recently though, they?ve become a favorite for living rooms since they?re easy to customize. Colors, patterns, and swirls turn this resilient surface into a piece of art.

What is epoxy flooring?2019-07-19T03:12:22+00:00

Epoxy flooring is a distinctive floor material that has increased in popularity over the years. Once a concrete floor is prepped and smoothed, we prepare a hardening chemical and resin mixture. The chemical reaction will change the combination into a sturdy plastic flooring in a couple of days.

We apply the compound to the concrete and allow it to solidify before another adding another layer. This procedure gives epoxy flooring the capability to be stain resistant, durable, and more. You will find epoxy flooring mostly in industrial properties, schools, hospitals, and garages. It can also be just as beneficial for residential flooring in kitchens and living rooms.

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