Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

When you need a durable and long term flooring solution for your garage, your best option is a garage floor epoxy coating.

Epoxy floor coatings come in numerous combinations of colors, patterns and designs. Depending on what you want to achieve with your garage floor, Epoxy Floors New Jersey can help you make the right decision.

Choosing the best epoxy flooring solution for your garage entails a good working relationship between you and the professional epoxy flooring contractor you opt to work with.

In the same way as you have certain questions you would like to ask; your professional epoxy contractor also needs to ask you some questions. The answers to both your questions will help ensure that you are getting the right garage floor epoxy coating.

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Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Before our professional epoxy contractors start working on your garage floor there are certain things we need to know. This is needed so we can recommend the right epoxy floor garage coating. Moreover, this is also necessary so you?ll know what to expect.

We will need to get information from you regarding these matters.

What do you want your Floor to Withstand?

You are opting for a garage floor epoxy coating because you want to have a durable concrete floor.? It is therefore important that you inform your epoxy contractor of all the forms of damages you want your garage floor to withstand.

You would naturally want your garage floor to withstand:

  • High foot traffic
  • Weight from heavy vehicles
  • Hot tire marks
  • Chemical spills

If you want your garage concrete floor to withstand more things, inform your epoxy floor coating contractor.

What do you want your garage floor to resist?

Just as you want your garage concrete floor to withstand many things, you would also want it to be resistant to certain conditions:

  • Stain resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Slip resistant

Should you have other more requirements, perhaps you may want an anti-microbial garage floor, don?t hesitate to inform your epoxy floor coating contractor.

Are you thinking of customizing your garage Floor?

A basic garage floor epoxy coating does a lot to increase the aesthetics of your garage floor. If you want additional aesthetics, you may consider customization options. We can add epoxy colored flakes, quartz or metallic pigments to your epoxy coating for a one of a kind look.

You can also apply certain designs and patterns along with your epoxy floor coating. And yes, we can combine colors so your epoxy floor coating can have a beautifully distinct hue.

Other than those mentioned above, it is also important that you inform your epoxy floor coating contractor if what you have is an old or new concrete floor. Additionally, it would also help a lot to discuss your budget and how soon you need the garage floor to be done.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey

While there are certain things you need to inform your epoxy floor coating contractor, there are also several things you need to know about Epoxy Floors New Jersey.

We are a reputable epoxy floor coating company and we only employ professional and expert flooring contractors.

Here are certain things you need to know about us to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Concrete Preparation and Application

Many argue that since the application of garage floor paint is similar to painting a room, they can very well do the job themselves. There is more to the job, however than simply painting the floor.

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we use a shot blaster or a diamond grinder to mechanically prepare the concrete floor prior to the application of garage floor paint. ?We consider this as one of the most important steps of the application process.

A properly prepared concrete floor will ensure that the epoxy garage floor paint will properly bond to the concrete surface preventing it from peeling and bubbling. A properly prepared concrete surface will also ensure that your garage floor finish will have a long lifespan.

If you are doing the job yourself you may not have a shot blaster or a diamond grinder and will definitely go for acid etching.

While acid etching will get rid of all the contaminants in the concrete surface, it does not meet the allowable level of adhesion of the epoxy floor paint to the concrete surface to make it last for long years.


Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
  • We have been in the business of installing garage floor epoxy coatings for many years.
  • We will be more than willing to show you our portfolio of the previous works we have done.
  • We are also willing to give you a list of our past clients so you can ask them about the type of business we provide.
  • We have our own crew of professional and expert epoxy floor coating contractors and we do not subcontract any of our projects.
  • All our epoxy floor coating contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded to ensure they are covered in cases of emergency.
  • We own all the tools and equipment we use for concrete surface preparation and garage floor epoxy coating installation. All our contractors are trained to handle all our equipment with ease and confidence.
  • We only use top quality epoxy floor coating products from reputable manufacturers.
  • We give a guarantee for all our work.

If you need top quality garage floor epoxy coating, Epoxy Floors New Jersey is the name to trust.

Call us now so we can assist you with your garage floor epoxy coating project.

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