Garage Floor Sealing Company New Jersey

Out of all the rooms in your home, your garage is perhaps the only space that gets the least attention during home building or renovation. Majority of garages often only have bare concrete flooring, which is susceptible to stains from chemicals and cracks from hard blows. A garage floor sealing company New Jersey can protect the garage floor from any damage.

A garage floor sealing company starts with repairing cracks and clearing off stains from the concrete floor. An epoxy coating is then applied to bind with the concrete floor.

With the new epoxy floor coating your garage floor will now be able to repel everything from grease, oil, road salt, and even hot tires. An epoxy floor coating can also prevent cracks and chips caused by extreme temperatures and impact from hard and heavy objects.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey, a garage floor sealing company New Jersey, can install customized epoxy coatings in your garage. Our epoxy coatings are available in solid colors, customized colors, with flakes and metallic pigments to give your garage floor a durable and beautiful finish.

Garage Floor Sealing Company New Jersey

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a concrete flooring sealer. It is stronger and more durable than the more popular acrylic sealer. Epoxy adheres better to the concrete surface, too.

Epoxy sealers are highly built protective films that adhere to the concrete surface to produce a hard-wearing and long-lasting finish that is resistant to abrasion and chemical stains. They are also resistant to moisture.

Epoxy sealers also provide a clear and high gloss finish. If you wish to add some color, they are also available in a wide range of hues, which can be combined to create a customized color.

As a result of the high adhesion level of epoxy to the concrete surface, its strength, longevity and reliability remain unmatched. For these reasons, epoxy sealers are often used in high foot traffic areas such as airports, warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing plants.

Because of its strength, durability and aesthetic value, many homeowners have started to entrust their garage floors to a garage floor sealing company New Jersey.

Garage Floor Sealing Company New Jersey

A garage floor sealing company New Jersey can transform your plain garage concrete floor into one with a high aesthetic appeal.

The epoxy floor coating installation process is simple and fast when done by professional epoxy installers.

Prepare Concrete Garage Floor

Prior to sealing the garage floor with epoxy, the concrete surface needs to be properly prepared. A properly prepared concrete surface will ensure that there will be a solid and durable bond between the concrete floor and the sealant.

  1. Before starting work, the epoxy installers will first make sure that the temperature for the day is below 500F. This will ensure the epoxy product will bond and cure well.
  2. The garage will be thoroughly cleaned by getting rid of all dirt and debris.
  3. A pressure washer will be used to exhaustibly clean the garage floor removing missed dirt and debris from the initial sweep.
  4. Oil and grease stains as well as existing sealants will be removed through acid washing.
  5. The garage floor will then be allowed to dry.
  6. Cracks and chips will be repaired.
  7. A diamond grinder will be used to level the concrete floor and create a smooth surface.

Applying the Epoxy Sealer

Epoxy is composed of a resin and hardener. These two components are mixed just before the application. Making the epoxy sealer stand for a long time will make it hard and therefore difficult to apply to the concrete surface.

Epoxy is applied in the same manner as paint. Starting with the farthest area of the garage and working toward the entrance, the epoxy sealer is applied with a roller or a brush.

After application the epoxy sealer is allowed to cure allowing it to create a solid bond with the concrete surface. After curing, the new epoxy coated concrete floor will now be strong and durable with a glossy finish.

Maintaining the Epoxy Sealer

An epoxy sealer applied on your garage concrete floor requires minimal maintenance. Gasoline, oil, grease and any chemicals spilling on the epoxy floor should immediately be cleaned as they happen.

It is not advisable to use any harsh cleaners on an epoxy coating as water and soap can very well clean the garage floor.

It is important to realize that epoxy sealers can significantly increase the lifespan of a concrete garage floor when properly applied by a professional garage floor sealing company New Jersey.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey employs a team of professional and well-experienced epoxy floor sealing installers. We make sure the sealing process on your garage floor is done right so you can enjoy all the benefits of an epoxy garage floor sealer.

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