Garfield – City in Bergen

Floors add to the curve value of your home in Garfield, Bergen. It also impacts the image of your commercial space and is an important part of the safety and productivity in your industrial facility.

Nowadays an epoxy flooring system is one of the most talked about flooring alternative in Garfield because of its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Residential spaces in Garfield, Bergen are usually owner-occupied and well maintained. Many of these homes stand in small lots and often with a vegetable garden in the rear. Around 36% of residents own their homes.

Garfield City in Bergen boasts of various ethnic establishments, playgrounds, and parks. It is also located close to many shopping malls. Retail trade is the largest industry in this city. In this city is one supermarket and about seven cities spread all over the city.

Epoxy flooring systems are rising in popularity in Garfield, Bergin. Epoxy is a mixture of a resin and a hardener that bonds with the concrete floor after a chemical reaction creating a flooring material with a lot of benefits:

  • Once epoxy bonds with the concrete floor, it becomes an extremely strong flooring system.
  • Concrete floors installed with an epoxy coating last longer because it resists wear.
  • Epoxy flooring systems are available in a wide range of colors.
  • When opting for a high gloss finish, epoxy floors significantly improve the brightness of a space.
  • ?Epoxy floors are resistance enhances the safety of a space because it is resistant to slippage, extreme impact and in certain instances even fire.
  • Epoxy floors are resistant to chemical spills and to exposure to strong chemicals.
  • Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain because they are non-porous and seamless.
  • Epoxy flooring systems are quick and easy to install.

The epoxy material is installed over the concrete floor after proper preparation. Thus, it is the best alternative to tearing down and building a new floo

Epoxy Flooring Systems

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The epoxy material seals the concrete floor creating a smooth and seamless new floor that is resistant to almost everything that gets into contact with the floor.

There is an epoxy flooring system for any kind of results you want to achieve. The well-experienced installers at Epoxy Floors New Jersey can successfully install any of these epoxy flooring systems.

Self-Leveling Epoxy

This flooring system can be installed over old or new concrete. It is easy and quick to install, too. It can be used in garages, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants and more.

Self-Dispensing Epoxy

This epoxy flooring comes with an extremely good mechanical strength. It is ideal for areas that receive high forklift traffic including vehicles with heavy load. For areas where liquids are always present such as in food processing plants, quartz sand is commonly added to create anti-slip floors.

Graveled Epoxy

This is the most decorative type of epoxy flooring where brand marks, logos, and decorative details can be added.

Mortar Epoxy

This is the strongest amongst all the types of epoxy flooring. It is commonly used in heavy industry facilities. It can also be installed over cracks in the concrete floor before other epoxy flooring systems can be installed.

Epoxy Terrazzo

This is decorative in nature so it is often used in building entrances, office buildings, hallways, and schools.

Anti-static Epoxy

This is ideal to use when you want to create an anti-static environment such as in electronic equipment manufacturing facilities, hospitals and labs.

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we have a wide range of epoxy flooring system to ensure that you get your desired results

Garfield Residential Epoxy

Epoxy flooring is ideal to make your garage floor to improve its durability and to make it look more beautiful. Epoxy flooring is available in a variety of colors and styles. It is also highly customizable so it can blend with the interiors of your home.

Garfield Commercial Epoxy

Epoxy is a high performing flooring system allowing it to withstand demanding environments such as high foot traffic, spills, cracks, and moisture.

Garfield Polished Concrete Flooring

The mechanical grinding and polishing process creates floors with finishes depending on your preference. Finishes range from matte to a high gloss finish.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey employs only the most highly skilled epoxy flooring installers who always do the job right and on time. We use only high quality epoxy products to ensure we create only the best epoxy floors in Garfield City, Bergen.

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