Hackensack – City in Bergen

Every day concrete floors in Hackensack, Bergen are exposed to intimidating trials including heavy loads, spilled liquids, dropped food, and more in your home or business. Epoxy floor coatings can protect and preserve concrete floors.

Epoxy flooring systems have become quite popular for home, commercial and industrial flooring in Hackensack City, Bergen.

The appreciation of homes in Hackensack is currently on an upswing. Building or renovating homes with epoxy garage flooring or any type of epoxy flooring system in other parts of the home will definitely increase the curve appeal and value of a home in

Hackensack exudes a big city feel on a smaller scale. There are shops and restaurants for every taste and lifestyle. As the seat of Bergen County, Bergen County is home to nationally-known educational institutions, a world-class medical center, and some manufacturing facilities.

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, it is our goal to provide only the best quality epoxy products and services to homes and businesses in Hackensack City.

Epoxy flooring is a unique liquid mixture consisting of resin and hardeners that chemically react and adhere with a properly prepared concrete surface.

It produces an extremely robust plastic material that comes with more tensile strength and capacity to withstand heavy loads than bare concrete.

While the appeal of epoxy flooring comes from the fact that it is easy to install and maintain, there are many more benefits homeowners and business owners can get out of an epoxy flooring system:

  • When properly installed, cleaned and maintained, epoxy flooring systems are chemical and abrasion resistant. This makes it suitable for high-traffic commercial and industrial applications as well as home garages.
  • The aesthetic appeal of epoxy flooring entices employees to be more productive and customers appreciate the professional look of a commercial space. It also increases the resale value of a home. It is available in various colors, patterns and designs.
  • The low maintenance cost of epoxy flooring systems is a major contributor to the appeal of its flooring system. At a low cost, you will be able to keep your epoxy floor in top space for long years.

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Best Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Hackensack

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we provide commercial and industrial facilities as well as homes with a range of epoxy floor coatings for durable, aesthetic appeal, sanitation, and safety. Our expert epoxy installers can help you determine the right flooring solution for your space.

100 % Solid Epoxy Floors

If your home or business needs heavy-duty floors, a solid epoxy flooring system is the perfect choice. This flooring system can withstand the harshest environments it can be installed in making it suitable for airports, aircraft hangars, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Water Based Epoxy Floors

This flooring system is not only shiny and elegant it can also withstand light abrasions, stains, and chemical reactions. This floor is ideal for home garages or light duty commercial facilities.

Self Leveling Epoxy Floors

This flooring system levels itself to create a seamless and smooth finish. For this reason, it is excellent to use on old and new concrete floors. We highly suggest this flooring system for homes, warehouses, storage facilities, commercial kitchens, and more.

Decorative Epoxy Floors

If you need a beautiful flooring system that can withstand any damage, this can be right for you. This is one of the most unique flooring solutions available in the market because they can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

Flaked Epoxy Floors

We use single or multi-colored flakes to create an appealing and slip-free floor for residential and commercial spaces.

Anti Static Epoxy Floors

This flooring system is perfect for commercial and industrial facilities and even homes where sensitive electronics need protection from surges caused by static electricity.

Hackensack Residential Epoxy

Do you want to transform your stained, dusty, and ugly garage concrete floor into a colorful and seamless surface? Call us now for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Hackensack Commercial Epoxy

Do you need floors that look appealing, professional and clean to your customers despite the daily beating it gets? Call us now for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Hackensack Polished Concrete Flooring

Do you need to transform stained and crack concrete into one with a reflective and bright finish that can withstand liquid spills and high foot and vehicle traffic? Call us now for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Epoxy flooring systems have seen a lot of advancements in the recent years. Epoxy Floors New Jersey flooring consultants can evaluate your present flooring surface and recommend the right flooring system to meet your needs.

Our epoxy flooring contractors in Hackensack, Bergen can bring to life your vision with epoxy flooring systems in any color, design, pattern or effect you have in mind.

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