Polished Concrete Contractor

The versatility of polished concrete allows it to be easily customized for various applications. A polished concrete contractor works to alter the concrete surface until your desired level of sheen is achieved.

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we create polished concrete floors through grinding and sealing. We also do the honing method by using a penetrating sealer to achieve a reflective finish. With the use of various aggregates, colors and finishes, polished concrete can be customized to achieve a desired look.

Polished concrete can also be created to resemble different flooring materials while being more durable and lower in maintenance.

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Polished Concrete Contractor

The quick installation of polished concrete is one of the many reasons why polished concrete has become a popular flooring option for residential and commercial settings.

The polished concrete contractor tasked to do your project will meticulously go through the polished concrete process. The process is going to be unique to the condition of your concrete floor but typically this is what you can expect.

?Concrete Floor Inspection

Your concrete floor will be thoroughly inspected for holes, cracks, chips, and any areas where repair needs to be done. Any existing paints, coatings, grease and oil will be removed. Dust, dirt and any debris will also be cleaned off.

Grinding Process

When the concrete floor is already smooth, the grinding process begins. The level of grinding and honing to be done will depend on the level of sheen you want to achieve for your concrete floor.

Diamond grinding is then done. The binders in the diamond grinding machine is embedded with synthetic diamonds to bring out the life of the polished concrete

Chemical Application

The polished concrete floor is then densified with chemical hardeners. These polishing chemicals create the high-gloss finish of your polished concrete floor.

The chemical reaction between the hardeners and the polished concrete floor will make the surface less permeable giving it a much longer life.

Polishing Process

The amount of polishing depends on the agreed sheen between you and the polished concrete contractor. The level of sheen ranges from a matte finish to a high gloss finish. Colors can also be added to your polished concrete floors.

Don?t Replace or Cover

Over time your concrete floor will wear making it less functional and unattractive. When it does, do not replace or cover your concrete floor. Instead, recycle it using a wide array of aesthetic options.

Polished concrete is a stylish and sleek flooring system. It is durable and low in maintenance. The polished concrete process converts worn out concrete floors into an attractive and long lasting flooring system.

With the polished concrete process, a diamond tool is used to hone concrete. Hardeners chemically alter concrete to make it a denser and moisture-resistant surface. Each stop of the diamond abrasive process creates a level of sheen on the concrete surface.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey creates polished concrete floors using state-of-the-art diamond tooling equipment. With the expert touch of our polished concrete contractor, we transform your worn out concrete floor into a surface that can last for many years.

When your concrete floor gets damaged, do not replace or cover it, go for polished concrete.

Why Polished Concrete

Polished concrete comes with a lot of benefits that you will not be able to find in other flooring options most notable being its beauty and strength. Additionally, when you have our polished concrete contractor work on your concrete floor, you will have a flooring system that is:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to damaging agents
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Long lasting

If you want your concrete floor to have the stone-like appearance polished concrete is an ideal choice. Polished concrete can make your concrete floor look similar to the appearance of luxury flooring materials such as granite, tile or marble without their expensive price tag.

We can install polished concrete to satisfy your flooring needs and bring out your individual style. The different colors, designs and patterns for polished concrete offers a wide range of possibilities.

All concrete floors can go through the polished concrete process as long as they are structurally safe. Each concrete floor comes with different circumstances and exposed to different settings. Notwithstanding, polished concrete will outlast any other flooring system by so many years.

Polished concrete is the most cost-effective and innovative solution to bring worn concrete back to life without replacing it.

We have a proven track record in polished concrete installation. Our past projects speak for themselves. From residential areas to schools and commercial establishments, we have worked on several square feet of concrete floors making them look as good as new.

Are you ready to update the function and look of your worn out concrete floor?? Epoxy Floors New Jersey is your best choice. For many years we have transformed old and new concrete floors into beautiful and durable polished concrete surfaces.

The polished concrete contractor that will be working on your concrete floor has long years of experience in the polished concrete process.

With a professionally installed polished concrete floor you will be able to enjoy a flooring system designed to reflect your uniqueness and individuality.

Add a durable and beautiful touch to your concrete floor with a polished concrete flooring system.

Trust only the experts! Call us now and learn more about our polished concrete installation process.

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