Stained Concrete Styles

Concrete is an ideal material choice to achieve whatever flooring designs you have in mind. Stained concrete styles change the color of old concrete giving it a new and refreshing look. With stained concrete you can have a coating system that can achieve any look you desire.

The concrete staining services of Epoxy Floors New Jersey transform your boring and dull concrete floor into a unique and vibrant flooring system.

Concrete is a versatile material. For this reason, concrete comes with endless design options. Stained concrete styles are available in a wide range of colors, textures and details to achieve a specific and desired look.

Stained Concrete Styles

Stained Concrete

Old and new concrete floors can be stained to achieve a better look. There are two types of concrete stains:

Water-based stains or dyes as they are most commonly called come in almost all colors. They are usually layered creating a faux finish. Custom colors can also be achieved by blending two or more colors.

Acid-based stains come in warm earth tones such as gray-shades blues, brown, copper, brick, and black. Acid based stains penetrate deep into the concrete surface thus creating a mottled effect that can resemble the look of stone.

Stained concrete is an excellent choice for your home or business. Unlike carpeted floors it will not get stained from any liquid dropping on the concrete. Unlike wooden or tiled floors, it will not warp, crack or chip.

Stained concrete floors are seamless so they do not have grout lines that can be affected by extreme temperatures and moisture. Additionally, stained concrete floors absorb temperatures. This means, it will keep a room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Stained Concrete Styles

Stained concrete has for many years been referred to as just a smooth surface in brown or grey. While that is one of the most common stained concrete styles, that is not even a pinch of what is available.

Stained concrete is not also limited to being smooth and glossy. It also is not limited to one dull color. In other words stained concrete can look like almost anything you have in mind in for a flooring system.

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, our stained concrete styles can transform your concrete floor into a wooden grain looking floor or a floor with a textured finish. We can also apply stains on your concrete floor to achieve a polished marble or tiled pattern look.

Additionally, you can also have customized designs and patterns and make your concrete floor mimic the look of stone, brick and floors with other textured surfaces.

Our concrete experts at Epoxy Floors New Jersey display their artistry by creating different patterns, textures, and finishes.

We can build swirled dimensions by applying patterns with a trowel. We can also create geometric shapes with scored lines and saw cuts in new concrete. We can even make minor cracks in your concrete floors part of pattern.

Stained concrete is so much more economical than other premium flooring materials yet can achieve a similar look. When you get tired of your stained concrete floor, you can simply install a new flooring system over it.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors New Jersey

If you want to enhance the look of your interior or exterior concrete floor, stained concrete is an excellent choice. We will be able to maximize the look your concrete surface with the stained concrete process.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey consists of a team of experienced stained concrete artists. Whether you opt for a retro or modern ambiance, we can transform interior or exterior concrete floor in your home or business into unique works of art.

We have several years of experience in stained concrete application and are equipped with the latest techniques in stained concrete styles. We also have a wide variety of stained concrete design options to choose from.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded and we provide a warranty for all our work. We start and finish our work on the prescribed schedule. Additionally we are a bunch of friendly and courteous stained concrete experts who love what we do, which reflects on the results of our work.

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