Stained Concrete New Jersey

Stained concrete is a budget-friendly and gorgeous way to achieve an attractive and one-of-a-kind look for your exteriors and interiors. Staining concrete creates a limitless assortment of shades, special effects, and colors. Staining your concrete accomplishes more than just delivering color to your surface. When you dye your concrete, the stain fuses with your concrete, resulting in deep, rich tones.

If you are seeking an individualized look for your concrete flooring, you might want to consider stained concrete. The biggest plus is that no two projects will yield the same results. Another benefit of staining concrete is that it makes your surfaces long-lasting and durable.

Stained Concrete New Jersey

New Jersey Stained Concrete Flooring

When applied correctly, you can be 100% sure that the staining will never, ever peel, fade, or chip. Our contractors can apply either water-based or acid stains to old or new concrete. They also can work with plain or partially-colored concrete. We can stain many concrete surfaces, including the flooring in your garage or your basement.

When deciding on the color of your stain, keep in mind that choosing an acid stain will limit your options to mostly soft earth tones like rusts, browns, and tans. However, you can mix two stains to get a completely new color, shade, and tone. If you want a dark stain, our contractors will apply several coats to get a darker hue.

To give your stained concrete a natural stone, polished marble, tanned leather, or stained wood look, our professionals will use special effect staining. We can individualize your concrete flooring with your desired colors using various dyes and stains.

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If you want to add a decorative design to your application, our experts can do so using decorative concrete scoring.

We bring artistry and creativity to your concrete using stains that make your surfaces look like works of art. This is why stained concrete has become the renovation technique of choice for homeowners, business owners, and interior designers around the globe. Let New Jersey Epoxy Floors get started on your stained concrete project.

Why Stained Concrete Floors?

Stained concrete flooring has numerous benefits over other flooring choices. Stained concrete floors can resist stains better than wood flooring and carpeting. A concrete floor stained by us makes your floors sturdy and ensures they last longer.

Our contractors are experts when it comes to transforming beat-up, worn out concrete flooring into stylish, resilient, colorful pieces that you?ll be happy to show to friends and loved ones.

Bland white or grey concrete is a bore. We come to each stained concrete floor project as your partner to find out precisely what you?re looking for. We know that you want to get a solid return on your renovation investment.

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Why Stained Concrete Floors

For years, our team members have been staining and renovating concrete floors in New Jersey homes and businesses. Regardless if we use water-based or acid staining, our goal is to give your flooring your desired look. When it?s all said and done, we want you to have a beautifully-finished product. Contact us and discover all your options.

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