Epoxy Flooring New Jersey

The quality of the floor you walk on is important in commercial and industrial settings as well as in your home. The floor needs to look beautiful, strong, durable and safe. Epoxy flooring New Jersey can make that happen for you.

The quality of the floor you walk on is important in commercial and industrial settings as well as in your home. The floor needs to look beautiful, strong, durable and safe. Epoxy flooring New Jersey can make that happen for you.

Epoxy Flooring New Jersey

Different conditions require different flooring systems. At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we have the right epoxy flooring system to match every condition.

Self Dispersing Epoxy

This type of epoxy flooring system is commonly used in warehouses or other settings where forklifts or heavy vehicles are often present. This is so because of its extreme mechanical strength.

Adding quartz sand to a self-dispersing epoxy flooring system gives it anti-slip qualities making it ideal for areas where liquids are often present. Examples of such include food processing plants and industrial kitchens.

Self Leveling Epoxy

This type of epoxy flooring system is easy to install over old and new concrete floors because they are smooth and seamless (easily levels).

Self-leveling epoxy flooring systems are beautiful and versatile. They are suitable for office buildings, warehouses, garages and more.

Graveled Epoxy

This is a decorate type of epoxy flooring system. They are often installed in garages, educational institutions, or other areas where logos, brand marks, and other decorative styles are added on the epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flakes

Colored decorative flakes can be used to achieve a unique look for your epoxy flooring system. Multi-colored epoxy flakes are mixed with the epoxy resin while it is still in liquid form or have not hardened yet. The addition of epoxy flakes also gives the epoxy flooring an anti-slip characteristic.

Epoxy flakes are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can be made of natural mica mineral or synthetic materials.? They can also come in fine or coarse appearances.

?Epoxy Terrazzo

With epoxy terrazzo flooring, flakes are used to create textured surfaces that can replicate the look of quartz, marble or any high quality finishes. The reflection of light on the floor makes the resemblance possible.

Vapor Barrier Epoxy

Vapor Barrier Epoxy can be installed over new or old concrete substrates. They are used to protect the concrete floor from liquid and water vapor.

Epoxy Floors New Jersey

What is Epoxy Flooring?

An epoxy flooring system is known to many for its stability, mechanical strength, moisture and chemical resistance. It comes in an assortment of types; colors and designs to put your creativity to work when coming up with the desired look for your flooring.

In simple terms, epoxy flooring is a flooring system consisting of layers of epoxy material installed on the concrete floor at least two millimeters thick. It consists of a resin and a hardener mixed together. These two chemically react with each other to create a rigid plastic material.

After the resin and hardener are mixed, it has a pot life during which it needs to be applied on the concrete substrate. Its pot life is anywhere between a few minutes to an hour. After its pot life, epoxy becomes warm and speeds up its hardening.

In general, epoxy needs to cure or harden several days after it has been installed over the concrete substrate. While it will harden in a day or so, Epoxy Floors New Jersey advises clients to allow a few more days of curing before introducing foot and vehicle traffic.

Epoxy is so durable that it can endure even the harshest conditions in industrial settings. Thus by all means it is also ideal for less harsh conditions in commercial and residential settings.

Making the Right Choice

?Which epoxy flooring system is best for my concrete floor? This is the most asked question by clients who have decided on an epoxy flooring system.

Over the years we at Epoxy Floors New Jersey have learned which epoxy flooring system works and what does not work for a particular setting. We will answer all your questions and guide you all the way so you can make the right choice when it comes to choosing epoxy flooring system.

On your end, it is always best that you know some basic facts about what causes an epoxy flooring system to look as though it failed or really failed. Knowing the specifications and characteristics of the epoxy flooring system you are considering is an important consideration.

Specifications do not lie and will show you what the epoxy flooring system is capable of given the environment it is going to be used.

There is a process to follow in choosing the right epoxy flooring system.

Level of Durability

While all epoxy flooring systems are in general durable, they come in different levels of durability.

Are you going to apply epoxy flooring system in your residential garage, commercial establishment or industrial facility? Our experienced epoxy flooring installers know the best epoxy flooring system to use for your particular need, want or requirement.

We also always use industrial grade epoxy materials. We closely work with the most reputable epoxy product manufacturers to ensure we give you the most suitable epoxy flooring system for your floor.

Type of Finish and Look

Our epoxy flooring systems come in assorted colors, styles, designs and patterns. Do you want a solid colored epoxy floor or a customized color, which is a blend of solid colors? Do you want your floor to have a clear finish or a flake epoxy floor in different colors?

We can create an epoxy flooring system based on the result you want to achieve for your floor.

Condition of the Concrete Floor

Epoxy flooring system is installed over a concrete substrate. We can install epoxy flooring systems on old or new concrete. However, it is important to know the condition of the concrete substrate to determine the kind of concrete substrate that needs to be prepared.

While there are cheap epoxy flooring products available we will never suggest that you go for these types even if you are on a tight budget.

Choosing cheaper epoxy floor products will come out more expensive in the long term because they are not durable enough to last for long years. We provide a guarantee for all the work we do so we never use inferior quality epoxy products.

Never again should you agree to have ugly, dusty and stained concrete floors. After we work on your floor, you will have an epoxy flooring system that not only looks great but can also resist damage from gas, and oil spills, chemicals, abrasions, impact, high foot and vehicle traffic and more.

Call us now and speak to one of our customer service representatives to get a free and no obligation estimate for your flooring project.

Epoxy flooring New Jersey will surely be one of the best decisions you can make for your home or business.

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