What does Polished Concrete Normally Cost?

The cost of polished concrete can vary depending on the current surface. If there is a lot of surface preparation involved, then the cost will be more. Are there tiles that need to be removed? Is there glue or paint currently on the floor? Are there cracks that need to be repaired? Many times the [...]

Why does concrete crack?

Concrete cracking isn?t due to just one reason. Concrete can crack because of problems under your control and outside of your control, such as: Excess Water: When your concrete mixture has too much water, its durability diminishes. As new concrete dries it also withers. If there is a lot of evaporating water, the concrete does [...]

What are the Best Stained Concrete Applications?

Stains go well with concrete overlays. Additionally, since concrete stains go deep down into the concrete surface, they create lasting, fade-resistant color. Unlike with a coating or paint, the color won't peel or flake off. If you want something bolder than the subtle look of acid staining, you might want to think about using water-based [...]

Is Stained Concrete Ugly?

The concrete is immersed with tones that are translucent and shining. Every surface yields a perfect look. Application methods can further enrich that distinctiveness. Some of the many looks include, but aren?t limited to: stained wood leather and stone. Staining is the most well-liked technique for improving both residential and commercial concrete flooring. Concrete stains [...]

What is stained concrete?

Similar to staining wood, stained concrete can bring color, richness, and vibrancy to a concrete floor while maintaining its natural beauty. We can apply color on the exterior and interior surfaces, from patios to kitchen floors, with a vast array of options to satisfy any design request. Staining your existing or new concrete produces a [...]

What is the process for concrete polishing?

Polished concrete is extremely popular for both commercial and residential settings because of the fast installation times. While many times floors can vary, we will give you a general overview. Step 1: We inspect your floor for damages, cracks, chips, dents and sunken areas. Step 2: Repair or replace any of the damaged areas and [...]

What Concrete Areas Can You Polish?

What makes polished concrete such a popular solution is that virtually any poured space can receive this gorgeous home upgrade. While there are strict structural concerns to address before we can provide the service, we can polish inside and outdoors. The main thing we must look for is whether or not cracks have extended to [...]

What are the advantages of polished concrete?

Polished concrete floors provide a vast selection of advantages for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Some of those advantages include: Affordability: Other flooring solutions necessitate long installation processes and more products if they involve a new floor installation. On the other hand, polished concrete flooring uses the material that is already there. So, since there [...]

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