Flooring systems are an important part of any commercial or industrial building. Epoxy is used to finish off or seal concrete to create floors that have a unique look and resistant to elements present in workspaces of most industries.

Installing epoxy flooring systems are simple and quick and for the most part create flooring that provides a great return on investment.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring New Jersey


At Epoxy Floors New Jersey we have serviced many industries that have benefited from epoxy flooring installation.

Police and Fire Departments

The police and fire departments are valuable institutions within a community. Emergency response times can be enhanced when these institutions have the right flooring system in place.

We install epoxy flooring systems that provide superior performance to ensure the success of the daily operations of police and fire departments.


The right flooring system is important to the transportation industry. We can provide seamless epoxy flooring systems to bus terminals, train stations and airports.

We provide non-slip epoxy floorings to protect passengers against tripping or falling. This flooring system can also withstand high foot traffic without premature wear and tear. More importantly, epoxy flooring system is aesthetically beautiful and requires minimal maintenance.


Warehouses with unsealed concrete flooring will not be able to withstand the pressures of daily activities. Concrete is susceptible to abrasion, cracking and sudden impact from forklifts and heavy loads. Concrete dusting can also affect products in the warehouse and even their staff.

An epoxy flooring system can keep warehouse floors in optimum condition preventing conditions that may slow down or even stop the smooth flow of operations.


Retail establishments need to have a flooring system that is beautiful, can withstand heavy foot traffic, is abrasion and stain resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. An epoxy flooring system meets all these requirements. Moreover, decorative epoxy flooring can create a lasting and positive impression with customers.


Epoxy flooring is chemical resistant, moisture resistant, abrasion resistant, durable, and requires minimal maintenance. This flooring system meets all the requirements of a strong flooring system that can withstand all the abuse in a manufacturing facility.


Educational flooring needs to be safe from fall hazards and trips. It should also be able to protect students, teachers, and staff from mold, mildew and bacteria. Epoxy flooring provides a safe environment and unmatched durability and performance for educational facilities.


Airplane hangars have strict requirements when it comes to efficiency, safety and durability of its flooring system. An epoxy flooring system is ideal as it is able to withstand aviation fuel, corrosive liquids, lubricants and more while maintaining the appearance and integrity of the flooring.


Safety, sanitation and hygiene are crucial in choosing the appropriate flooring system for the healthcare industry. Epoxy flooring systems prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth. They also have non-slip properties and are resistant to chemical stains.


Military institutions need a flooring system that can withstand high foot and vehicle traffic. It should also be able to stand up to the heavy equipment that is a common sight in the facility. Epoxy flooring systems are available in a wide range of finishes that are easy to clean and maintain making them suitable for this highly busy environment.


Auto showrooms need a flooring system that is aesthetically appealing, grease resistant, corrosive resistant, and slip resistant. Epoxy flooring systems meet all these requirements not to mention that they are durable, long lasting and easy to maintain.


Restaurants, hotels, and resorts need a flooring system that is aesthetically appealing, able to withstand high foot traffic, and long wearing. Epoxy flooring systems give guests a unique five-star experience.


An epoxy flooring system can transform the dull concrete floor in your commercial establish into one with a unique design. From a solid colored floor with a high gloss finish to a terrazzo floor with your company logo, epoxy floors can give you a commercial space you can be proud of.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage plants need a flooring system that can tolerate extreme temperatures, thermal shock while being resistant to abrasion, chemicals. The flooring should also have anti slip and fall properties. Epoxy flooring fits all these requirements while also being seamless and non-porous.

At Epoxy Floors New Jersey, we have a friendly team of experts and professional epoxy flooring installers.? We install top-quality epoxy flooring systems for industries that need tough and durable flooring systems.

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