If you want a professional to install your floor, it can anywhere from $5.00/square foot for a standard flake system to $18.00 a square foot depending on the amount of work and the type of epoxy that is needing to be applied. Epoxy Floor coatings can fill many different roles and even be works of art.

The reason it costs that much is because epoxy is a two part process, first you have the cost of epoxy and second you have the installation costs. Epoxy can be purchased by the gallon in liquid form.. The pricing can range anywhere from $35 to $175 depending on the percentage of epoxy in the mixture. What you don?t want is an epoxy paint that you can buy at Sherwin Williams. If you are looking for a DIY project, you can buy a kit for about $600 but the process is difficult and the product you are buying might not be the best.? Epoxy Solutions have to be mixed, the concrete base has to be prepared just right so the epoxy actually adheres to the concrete, along with the drying and layering being perfected. If every step to this process doesn?t happen properly the floor will chip, bubble and just generally look bad. Moral of the story, pay for a professional.